Yeast Infection Study

Itchy down there?

If so, you might have a yeast infection. And, if you’ve had at least 3 yeast infections in the last year, you might qualify to participate in the ultraVIOLET clinical trial. We’re testing an investigational drug for women and girls (12+) facing the same challenges as you.

Yeast infections can be both physically and emotionally uncomfortable. Because current treatments don’t work for everyone, we’re looking for women and girls (12+) to help us test a promising investigational drug.

To qualify, you must have had at least 3 yeast infections in the last year.


  • At least 1 infection must have been confirmed by laboratory/diagnotic test.
  • You must have an active infection during your first visit to the study clinic.

There are other qualification requirements that will be checked during a screening visit. If you do qualify, you’ll be randomly (by chance) assigned to take either investigational drug or fluconazole (a common treatment for yeast infections) for 2 weeks and, if your yeast infection clears:

  • investigational drug for another 11 weeks, OR
  • placebo (which contains no medication) for 11 weeks

After 11 weeks, your health will be monitored for another 37 weeks. Please note that you will be given fluconazole if an infection occurs at any time during the trial. Also, trial-related drugs and assessments will be provided at no cost to you.

Health insurance is not required to participate.

If you are interested in participating in our Yeast Infection study, please fill out the form below or call us at (910) 302-8151.

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